Break-out Panel Discussion

Technology Panel:
Africa and the next wave of digitization

Ballroom 2 22 April 2017 10:45 - 11:45

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Bunmi Banjo
Charlene Chen
Andrew Fassnidge
Eghosa Omoigui
Daniele Orner

Panel Theme:
Africa and the Next Wave of Digitization

Panel Description:
Digital technologies have been a fundamental enabler for development, inclusion and prosperity in Africa: Telecoms and internet democratized access to information, services, and opportunities; drones are saving lives in remote areas; mobile payment is revolutionizing finance and commerce. They are set to play an important role in the future of the continent, as the world is heading fast towards the fourth industrial revolution, based essentially on the integration of technology to every aspect of life. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Robotics, 3D printing, Internet of Things are the next wave of technologies that are fuelling this revolution.

Guiding Questions:

  1. How can Africa fully embrace the new wave of technology to benefit people and businesses?
  2. How can technology be created locally and tailored to the specific needs in Africa?
  3. What role can the technology industry play in supporting a drive towards more “Made in Africa” products and services within the technology space as well as in other industries?
  4. What are the biggest technology opportunities in Africa today? What are the expectations in the short-med term?
  5. What are the challenges faced by African digital actors and how can Africa become a global technology leader?
  6. Is there an emerging tech movement towards an “African Silicon Valley”? What countries/ companies are spearheading this trend?

Panels Overview:

Technology Panel:
Africa and the next wave of digitization

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