Break-out Panel Discussion

Energy & Infrastructure Panel:
Resource-full but not yet power-full

Ballroom 1 22 April 2017 10:45 - 11:45

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Yariv Cohen
Titus Edjua
Razia Khan
Scott G. Mackin

Panel Theme:
Resource-Full but Not Yet Power-Full

Panel Description:
Power ought to be one of the best “Made in Africa” stories because continent is resources rich but access remains poor, echoed through facts such as 600+ million Africans living without access to electricity. While governments are looking at new power from coal, hydroelectricity and nuclear, renewables are set to transform Africa’s power supply prospects.

Renewable energy, which has been the big development in Africa recently, is the game changer that could provide the electricity for economic growth and job creation in decades to come. This renewable energy focus could go a long way to relieving Africa’s energy woes. Together with increased power generation comes the need to strengthen national and regional grids through investments in Infrastructure. Africa’s five regional power pools – in east, west, central, northern and southern Africa – aim to increase regional interconnectivity and thus energy security by upgrading the infrastructure.

Guiding Questions:

  1. How do we create innovative solutions to address power/infrastructure challenges?
  2. Should Africa focus on renewables or have a mix of renewables and natural gas?
  3. IEA says that power generation in Africa can quadruple over the next 25 years from the current 90GW, bringing/improving access to electricity to an additional 950 million people. What will be the major challenges to achieve this?
  4. Is the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (REIPP) programme reproducible in other African countries. What are the factors that are key to the success of such programmes?
  5. In terms of infrastructure, what would be a game changer? Do private investors have a key role to play and does the PPP model prove to be a sustainable way forward?

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