Keynote Discussion (Dr. Christoper Edordu and Dr George Elombi)

Grand Ballroom 22 April 2017 09:45 - 10:30

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Christopher Edordu
George Elombi

Panel Theme:
Intra-Africa Trade: Manufacturing A Self-Sufficient Africa

Panel Description:

This session will discuss a number a key points and burning questions on the route to Africa’s economic self-sufficiency through trade and investments. These include;

  1. Why is it critical that Africa is focused on trading with itself?
  2. What steps must the continent take to achieving self-sufficiency through trade?
  3. What role does the African diaspora have to play in the Intra-Africa trade narrative?
  4. What must African SMEs do to circumvent/address the challenge of inadequate financing – perhaps their largest barrier to trade?
  5. What are Afreximbank’s core initiatives / interventions designed to facilitate intra-Africa trade?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an ‘African Union’ as a trading block?