OCP Africa

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A subsidiary of the OCP Group, a world leader on the phosphate market, OCP AFRICA is a new African company dedicated to transforming farming in Africa. We provide to African farmers products and services to make our continent an ocean of prosperity.

Our vision: Africa will feed the world

Africa is the place were life began. It is the land of the future which has the agricultural potential to feed the world. By working every type of soil with the right techniques and the right fertilizers, we can raise Africa to the forefront of world agriculture, promoting sustainable and responsible farming.

Our mission: To create value-added agriculture which generates happiness.

We have pledged to develop modern and responsible farming methods with high added value, providing farmers with all the resources tailored to their success: products and services, logistical and financial solutions. Everything will be done in all branches to guarantee everyone’s happiness.

Our ambition: Working together, we shall successfully transform agriculture in Africa.

The success of this objective is our primary ambition. It must be a model for the development of Africa by Africa.

In the coming months, we are planning to incorporate around a dozen subsidiaries on the continent, with the objective of committing to each country, taking onboard the diversity of the land and the maturity of their markets.