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Ncity (Network City) is an exclusive business and social network for professionals. We are currently focusing on a shared interest in African Business’. No matter your Nationality or background, at Ncity, we facilitate connections with Professionals across all industries,  encourage idea sharing and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, towards promoting a healthy African Business environment. Our initial focus is on African Businesses. The long term strategy is to broaden this focus to other markets like the Asian Business Market, Caribbean, Europe etc. After which, the next stage is to facilitate a seamless global interaction across all business markets.
To achieve our objectives and provide the best value, Ncity’s is building a city of different professional networks. With this eco system you will be able to have access to different Professional Networks across the globe in one place: (my network city). There is no cost at present, however you need an invitation code as our exclusivity model, means we  target Professionals of like minds.