Homecoming Revolution

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Established in South Africa in 2003, Homecoming Revolution is a pan-African recruitment firm for global African executives with a key focus on South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are the only firm that specialises in global Africans – those who are still abroad, those who have returned, and those who have a global mindset. If you’re an African experienced professional who wants a new home for your career, or an Employer looking for top African talent – please get in touch.

Unlike other recruitment and executive search companies, we don’t just engage with candidates around their career-path alone. Instead, we adopt a far more holistic approach focused on the emotional & functional benefits of a move home towards a life of success and significance. By gaining a fundamental understanding of a client’s employer value proposition, we are able to weave together compelling messaging that encourages talent to join your company. After all, research has shown: “People join companies for meaning, not just for money”.